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ENLISTMENT/REENLISTMENT DOCUMENT ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT AUTHORITY 5 U.S.C. Such changes may affect my status pay allowances benefits and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment/ reenlistment document. 10. MILITARY SERVICE OBLIGATION SERVICE ON ACTIVE DUTY AND STOP-LOSS FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE ACTIVE AND RESERVE COMPONENTS INCLUDING THE NATIONAL GUARD. 301 302...
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there with you guys if you're looking to get you a copy of your dd-214 or any military records if you have an account with V benefits it would be a lot easier to go through them so before back in the days I used to go fill out an SF 180 based on my time and service you know it would indicate where would you go and get your personal record or your medical and service treatment records, so you follow up you know personal records will be number four you will send out the SF 182 you know headquarters your US Marine Corps and you got a no a PF CD back if you needed your medical or service treatment records you would look upon based on what you know you the times that you served 411 and this is where you would send your SF 182 now it's much easier you would go to benefits go to manage documents and records go to military personnel file it's going to send you to mil connect once you are milking it to go to correspondence documentation go to defense personnel records information which is depressed and from here it's just wait a little loads up taken quite a while all right well this is what I have from the other one finally you showed up, so you go to correspondence, but we want what I wanted to show you is you guys go to download your OMP or you go to request your OMP depending on what you want you know how you want to go about it, and you get your information now I requested for downloaded only OMP I requested it last night on the twelve well this month on the 12th the exploration days is this 22nd I get to view my files, and you know download whatever I need, so obviously we're going to download everything but uh get my service records my field records my discharge records miscellaneous contracts orders meaning that for us because I was a reservist got orders to go overseas you know involuntary orders, so I was, so you know sign up this is what it looks like I will get my DD 214 and then the other one that I wanted to show you guys is you can request your information in regard to ribbons and medals so as you can see because the reason why I'm sharing this information well obviously to let you guys all know there's a much easier way but also because if you're submitting for property tax and like to reduce your property tax you will need a dd-214, and you will need to show that you have your Expeditionary medal, so again I got mine my Combat Action Ribbon my global my quad Expeditionary medal I got my GUA service medal sea service deployment ribbon and a few others I got a UGG I got a pug and yada yada so benefits again it's improved itself you know in quite the four years that you know I've been dealing with them these are the things that I've used them for to get my medical records if I needed any VA letters in regard to you know need proof to show whether you're buying a house or get points for civil service exams this is wood this is what I use for civil service exams if you are a veteran your service-connected the 10 points obviously would be...
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